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Seker Ahmet Pasa ... Вся грудь в КРЕСТАХ ... Кому служил ???

German General Otto Liman von Sanders, appointed Inspector-General of the Ottoman army, ruthlessly sacked idle and incompetent commanders, imposed Prussian discipline and displayed a great ability in spotting talent in the oncoming generation of young ottoman officers. Germany's long term aim was to manipulate Turkey as a bastion of Islam and a lever against the British Raj in India and to prepare a springboard for operations against the Suez Canal, Britain's Imperial artery.

General Kress Von Kressenstein

Portrait of Ömer Faruk Osmanoğlu (1898-1969). Picture taken in Istanbul, ca. 1922. He was the son of Abdülmecid, the last Ottoman Caliph.

abdülhamid kızı ayşe sultan

Ayşe Sultan (Osmanoğlu) (d. 1887, İstanbul - ö. 10 Ağustos 1960, İstanbul), Osmanlı Sultanı II. Abdülhamit'in kızıdır.

Так что явно про свою "дгевнюю" лбостучалку местные аборигены Османщины узнали только в 20 веке когда пришли некие "молодые" папуасы и перестреляли "старых" папуасов.