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Вот это номер ... Оказывается АБОРДАЖНЫЙ МОРСКОЙ ТОПОРИК !!!

18th Century Naval Boarding Axe

The business end of a boarding axe had a 4 pound or so axe blade. They were about 2-3 feet long, which is enough for a powerful swing, and short enough for close quarter battle and use in confined areas. These can be used very effectively as weapons, to cut ropes, cut through and pull downed rigging, open just about anything from a chest to a wall, cut down masts and sails to disable a ship, help climb and can even be thrown at enemy.

A veteran of the American Revolutionary War, the Continental gondola Philadelphia is the oldest intact warship currently on display in North America. After its recovery from the bottom of Lake Champlain in 1935, the fifty-four foot long Philadelphia, armed with three cannon and eight swivel guns, was moved to the newly constructed building housing what is now the National Museum of American History of the Smithsonian Institution.

Russian coastal fortress, Great Northern War

Battle of Gangut between Russian and Swedish galleys, Great Northern War

A Russian Galley of 1719 Campaign: these big beasts were 40m (130ft) in length, 7m (23ft) abreast and 1.5m (5ft) deep, and included 25 pairs of oars


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