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The bombardment of the sea fortress Sveaborg, 1855 Поразительная целкость !!!

Reproduction of Russian Infantrymen in Ambush from the 1853 1856 historical documents exhibition on the 150th anniversary of

АМБА или АМБЕЦ по ходу имеет точное значение "ЗАСАДА".

 The bombardment of the sea fortress Sveaborg, Finland by the Anglo-French fleet during The Crimean War of 1853-1856
British and French naval forces consisting of 77 ships arrayed for the long-expected battle on 6 August 1855. They formed into a battle line more than 3 km off shore beyond the range of the defenders' obsolete artillery. Three days later the bombardment commenced. It continued for 47–48 hours all the while the attacker sat beyond the range of the defenders' guns. The British and French bombarded only the fortress of Viapori and avoided firing at the town of Helsinki directly. While the bombardment caused damage to the structures above ground, including to several gunpowder magazines which exploded, the bulk of the defending forces survived unscathed with their weaponry intact leading to a stalemate with the attackers guns being unable to defeat the defender and defenders guns being unable to reach the attacker. Once the guns had become silenced the ships remained in the same offshore position leading to growing fears of a landing. However British and French forces landed troops neither at Viapori nor Helsinki, and eventually withdrew

Опять   several gunpowder magazines which exploded   !!!  Такое чуйство что порох держат не под замком в погребе, а проветривают на солнышке и только самый последний идиот в него не попадет.

Или это опять работа спецназа и опять взрыв ВВ.

The Bombardment of Sveaborg, 9 August 1855, 1855 - John Wilson Carmichael

Событие !!! Картины пишут , причем маслом !!!


1855 War Bombardment Sveaborg


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