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"Броники" 1 мировой на Кавказе

The Turkish Army responded to the Russian Winter Offensive in the Caucasus Campaign by launching a counteroffensive.  The Turkish forces had two successes when they captured Mus and Bitlis on August 15 but the Russians recaptured these on August 24.
Troops of the Russian Armoured Car Division with native tribesmen en route to Turkey, probably on the road between Vladikavkaz and Erzurum, June 1, 1916 to August 31, 1916

Как видим это не местные "горные орелики" и не турки, а   native tribesmen   , то есть свои соплеменники и они не просто так намотали ЧАЛМУ = ШЛЕМ и "пояса" на животы, это "броники" того времени.


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