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Есть где то книжка "The Water Supply of Old London". Интересные решения ...

The Water Supply of Old London  http://www.allposters.co.uk/-sp/The-Water-Supply-of-Old-London-Posters_i10124053_.htm?aid=479487044&DestType=7

А это думаете ЗАМОК там вдали ? Фигушки, это НАСОСНА СТАНЦИЯ в виде ЗАМКА :

Stoke Newington Reservoirs, Filter Beds and New River Conservation Area

Pumping Station

A number of listed buildings are included such as the former ‘castle’ pumping station. The area is of outstanding character, unique to Hackney, and is of great historical importance, relating to the water supply of North London since the seventeenth century.

Are water supply pipe repairs free?