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bath and water pump реалии и 1925 года

Я то чисто перевожу , а народ смотрю только только вникает :

Читая бскамалова, осознал, что Water Closet = гидрозатвор (хотя - очевидно же, вроде). По сути - технологическое определение стало именем собственным. То есть - "уборная с сантехникой, работающей по принципу гидрозатвора" стала просто ГидроЗатвор, или WC.

Реально в городе могли работать насосы 6-7 и типа  того 8 :

Hydrodynamics: 2) Fountain: 3) Persian wheel or Noria: 4) Archimedes' Screw: 5) Chain pump: 6&7) Suction and force pumps: 8) Fire engine: 10,11,12) Undershot, Overshot and Breast water wheels: 13) Barker's mill. From print published Wurtemberg c1850

А винтик "Архимеда" можно смело толкнуть в зад традЛГУНИШКАМ.

Были демоны, но их в города не пускали :

Aubrey Eneas's of Boston solar motor. Demonstrated at Edwin Cawston's ostrich far Pasadena, California. A reflector 33 feet (10.05 metres) in diameter lined with 1,788 mirrrors focused on a boiler producing steam to power a pump raising 1,400 gallons (6364.5 litres) of water per minute. Liebig trade card c1910. Chromolithograph. / Universal History Archive

Advertisement for 'Thomas Dusenbury, Plumber, 269 Water Street', 1845 (colour litho), Jones, E. (fl.1845) / © Museum of the City of New York, USA

Так это  работало и в 20 веке - ручной насос и водогрей  :

Whitmore Estate: interior, bath and water pump, London, 1925 (b/w photo)

Наверное как всегда прогресс толкнула НУЖДА :

A coal miner cleaning up after work with the help of his wife. Before the days of piped water and pit-head baths, after a day hewing coal underground the miner had only a tub on the living room floor filled with water from an outside pump to wash away the coal dust from his skin. Northumberland and Durham Coalfield, England. Engraving from "The Graphic" (London, 18 February 1871).

Water pumps at Kuzminskoe on the Oka river during construction of a dam and lock, 1905-1915 (photo), Prokudin-Gorsky, Sergey (1863-1944)
Prokudin-Gorsky produced an extensive photographic survey of the Russian Empire on the eve of revolution. His pioneering colour photography involved synthesizing 3 black and white photographs taken through red, green and blue filters.


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