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Как видим жены шаха Иран - Персии не очень то комплексуют без "намордников"

Naser al-Din Shah Qajar and two of his wives, circa 1880. Photo: Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, NYU

In 1842, Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, the 11-year-old heir to the Persian throne, was sent a camera by Queen Victoria. It fascinated him, and by 1848, when he came to rule, he was a very competent photographer. And because he appreciated photography, he appointed court photographers who were tasked with recording the royal goings on, not just official business, but domestic life as well. So ISAW has pictures of ambassadors, and hunting parties, and the shah’s harem. The photos of the harem were taken either by the shah himself or by the eunuchs who tended them; the women are not the houris of imagination, but rather plain and dumpy. Naser also encouraged pictures of his subjects; merchants, musicians, dentists, bakers, a treasure trove of sepia-toned social data.

Какой то не тот "ислам" был в 19 веке ? Где остальные фото шаха ? Не вписывались в традЛГУНИШКУ ?

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    ТрадУРОДы загнали СЛОНОВ = МАМОНТОВ с прочими НОСОРОГАМИ за полярный круг, "одели" их в меха и объявили их, на том основании что на…

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    Надо же ... 20 век, а продвинутая Вена все так же как при "дгевних" римлянах пользуется САМОТОКАМИ воды в акведуках. О…

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    Бла - бла с кучей формул, понятно что чуток нагрев обсидиант можно было придать ему какую нибудь прикольную форму и отправить как…

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