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Примерно так и должны развиваться технологии дверей, веревочка / узел - цепь / замок - и т.д.

Doors Without Keys is a showcase of 50 or so large colour photographs by the award-winning Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, famous here for such films as Taste of Cherry and The Wind Will Carry Us. (Courtesy of Abbas Kiarostami)

Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami’s show features images of doors from Iran, Morocco, Italy and France that he has shot over more than two decades. ( Courtesy of Abbas Kiarostami)

Traditional old wooden door and mud frame arches in the Ancient city of Yazd, Iran

Found this ancient door in the village of Sirince a village of 600 residents in Izmir Province Turkey. The door probably dates from the 19th century.

Дверь поновее,. но вот ЗАПОРНЫЙ механизм как у "дгевних" ибиптян. То есть англичане сперли "двери Тухламона"  где то в арабском квартале.

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