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Апупеть ... где эти "аркеологи" сперли дверь с ЗАМКОМ и ГЛАЗКОМ и мет. оббивкой ???

Tomb doors from the high status tomb excavated by Heuzey in the royal cemetery at Aegae/Vergina

То то мужик офигевает с этих традИДИЕТОВ (тих, по жмерински)   Is the Mother of Alexander the Great in the Tomb at Amphipolis? Part 6: The Mutilation of the Sculpture

It is also unambiguously clear that the sphinxes were deliberately mutilated. Although it is just possible that the heads and wings could have been dislodged by some natural accident, both breasts on both sphinxes have been very precisely hacked off.

Короче эти традАРКЕОЛОГИ и прочие уроды свали в какую то дыру все что смогли найти на свалках и объявили это "ггобница Алескандга".

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