bskamalov (bskamalov) wrote,

А может быть они реально были боевыми ?

Глядя на такую хрень :

У любого служившего в армии мурашки пробегут по телу и захочется отбежать как можн дальше, если кто нибудь решится из неё шмальнуть.

Каждому ХРОНОЛОЖЦУ известно :

Технологи отлива бронзовых пушек тут -

The Anatomy of a Cannon

I thought it might be pertinent to actually show the anatomy of a cannon, so when I refer to part of the gun there would actually be a frame of reference located in the blog for you all to see, as well as a nice photo of the cannon itself and some of the dimensions that we are dealing with.

So, the gun weighs in at around 1.25 tons, and about 3m long, and 42cm wide at the cascabel, with a bore diameter of 146mm. With the carraige weighing another 700 pounds, that brings the total weight of the assembly to almost 1.8 tons. We're going to make 3 fully operational guns with carraiges, so thats quite a bit of material, in mostly bronze and oak, and a bit of iron.

A muzzle loading cannon has most of these parts:

А если там был принцип как у "Sturmtiger" :

БОМБОМЕТ ... газы отводились в те дырки вдоль стола.

И Петя № 1 был БОМБАрдиром ...

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