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А точно это "реконструкция" ??? Не нравится мне этот "катридж", это чисто 19 век.

Victorian Reconstruction of a 15th Century Breech-Loaded Culverin

This is a striking and handsome piece of ordnance built to resemble the early swivel-mounted culverins of the 1400's. The barrel is 50 5/8" long from muzzle to the end of the tiller and has a diameter of 5 1/8" at the stepped muzzle with a bore diameter of 2 1/4". There is a series of reinforcing hoops along the length of the barrel with a horizontal stirrup-shaped breech that acts as a cradle for the removable breech-piece which is 6 1/8" long, has a diameter of 3 3/8", and has a small touch-hole along with an offset handle. The breech is locked in place by a tapered iron bar, 10" in length, that is inserted from the right side. The gun is mounted on a wrought iron pedestal that measures 34" high to the tips of the swivel yoke and has a flat ring base that is 27" in diameter. A hand-wrought iron chain restraint slips over the end of the tiller to secure the tube at a suitable angle for display. The entire piece been painted black with 90% remaining and the underlying iron visible where the paint has flaked. Additionally, there is some light surface rust on the lip of the breech-piece but this is minor and not very visible when the breech is assembled. This is a fantastic piece of hand-forged iron ordnance (built ca. 1900) that would compliment any gun room or collection. Antique {Ref: "British Smooth-Bore Artillery" by Maj. Gen. B. P. Hughes, CB, CBE; 1969}

Технически это легкий вариант такой пушки :  Broadwell   Mountain Gun  2.68 inch/68mm



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