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Как видим Тульский завод не был оригиналом, КРЕМНЕВКИ "они" гордо лепили и в 1842 году

Rifles of the East India Company 1802-1849

Baker Rifle
Middle: Type 1 Two-Grooved Rifle
Bottom: Type 2 Two-Grooved Rifle
Also illustated is a sword bayonet that was common all these patterns.

Regarding manufacture of the Two-Grooved rifles, the Bakers lost their monopoly and these rifles were made by four gunmakers: Baker, Beckwith, Lacy and Barnett. There were 4 different variants:

Type 1: 3,800 of this pattern were manufactured from 1840-1842 and had a back action lock, twist steel barrel with a break-off breech and with the bayonet bar at the muzzle, unlike the Ordnance version where it was set further back.

Type 2: 8,630 of this pattern were manufactured from 1843-1846. It was the same as Type 1 except with a side action lock.

Type 2A: 100 of this pattern were manufactured in 1846. It was the same as Type 2 except that the bayonet bar was set back from the muzzle in the same manner as the Ordnance Brunswick.

Type 3: 1,895 of this pattern were manufactured from 1848-1849. It had a side action lock, a plain iron barrel and a plain, rather than a break-off breech.

I have never seen examples of Type 2A or Type 3

Заодно видно и производственные мощностя 19 века, этот заводик слепил с 1840 по 1849 годы всего около 15 тысяч стволов или за 10 лет вооружил таки 1 (ОДНУ) дивизию аскеров.

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