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То есть англо-французы реально могли вступить в Крымскую войну с этим барахлом

1844 Yeomanry Carbine British Unit Marked

NSN, .67 Caliber, 20” barrel with a very good bore that has dark freckling along its length, heaviest towards the muzzle. This is an 1844 dated, “VR” cyphered, Tower-made carbine that has an overall smooth gray-brown patina throughout with a few hints of mild pinprick pitting at the bolster, and some heavier pitting on the tip of the captive ramrod. The markings are still crisp and clear, as are the engraved borders and the knurling on the hammer spur. The wedge-fastened, English walnut stock has a “SARGANT” maker's name stamped into the wood along the belly of the buttstock; “(Broad Arrow)/BO” Board of Ordnance and double arrow deaccession stamp on the right side of the buttstock; large “J9” issue stamp over “QORY” (Queen's Own Royal Staffordshire Yeomanry) unit marking on the left side. The wood has numerous small handling marks and minor blemishes scattered throughout under an old, added oil finish. The brass furniture has developed a pleasant, yellow-ochre color with spots of darker patina scattered throughout. The sling bar and ring have a matching, darkly mottled patina while the nipple protector and chain are no longer present (the swivel is still in place, however). The mechanism is still tight and fully functional and the carbine rates fine condition overall. The Queen's Own Royal Staffordshire Yeomanry was first raised in 1794 and spent its tenure in England until the Boer War. This is a fantastic Victorian cavalry carbine and would make a great addition to any collection of British military arms. Antique

А что было у этих как его ... ну в лаптях такие бегают по Сибири ... традИСТЕРИКИ расписываю некие " Литтихский или Люттихский Штуцер" что якобы были в единичных экземплярах (старая песня традИСТЕРИКОВ про одну винтовку на пятерых) :

Imperial Russian 1st Model Brunswick Percussion Rifle P.J. Malherbe, Liege- Luttich Rifle

Как уважают трофейный мушкетик !!! Как германцы во время ВОВ СВТ-38/40 !!! Но этот якобы  точно такой же как англицкий мушкет оказывается имеет более ранние маркировки и очень совершенный прицел :

А вот и "дгевне" римские МЕЧИ что постоянно мелькали на рисунках "ВИ" и маркировка у них "ЭНФИЛД".

То есть "наши" штуцеры-мушкеты были точно такими как и английские "Энфилфы" :

Excellent British Enfield Brunswick Rifle 1st Model With Bayonet

NSN, .704 Caliber, 30” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This outstanding, “Rl. Manufactory Enfield” marked, “(crown)/VR” cyphered example has a back-action lock with the scripted Enfield marking, dated 1838. The 1840 dated barrel is marked “ENFIELD” with further Broad Arrow and inspector markings, and retains a stunning amount of the original blue finish. The lock, meanwhile, has muted color case-hardening that has turned to a mellow, dappled gray patina over time. All markings on the lock, barrel and wood are clear and crisp. The original, “F. PRICE”-made English walnut stock is regimentally marked just ahead of the large, two compartment patchbox on the right side: “I.C.R.” as well as an 1860 dated Pimlico cartouche and Class 2 stores mark. The wood exhibits only minor handling marks and small surface blemishes, mainly present on the left side surrounding the maker's stamp. The brass has an overall mellow ochre-brown patina with some brighter yellow and no evidence of polishing. This rifle is mounted with an original Brunswick rod and correct nipple protector (missing the leather pad). Included with the rifle is its original 1838 dated, “(E)NFIELD” marked bayonet marked Enfield and broad arrow. The bayonet measures 26 1/2” overall with a 21 7/8” double-edged, wasp-waisted blade having short, single fullers running up the forte on both sides. The steel has a mostly bright patina with specks of darker surface freckling throughout, and has a single “V” stamp on the ricasso opposite the armory and date markings. The cast brass hilt has an overall pale yellow-ochre patina, two slightly upturned quillons with teardrop shaped finials, and a ridged grip with fully functional press-stud catch. Two cast lead belted balls are also included and are contained in the patchbox. This is a splendid example of an early Brunswick Rifle with an unusually high amount of original condition remaining and an original bayonet. It would make a fantastic addition to any collection and would be very hard to upgrade. Antique

Значит было что то другое, что то типа нашей СВТ-38/40 и англо-французам срочно понадобилось в ответ создавать нечто типа германской Sturmgewehr-44
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