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Да усь ... далеко не ТА-57 ... И чё типа эти КАБЕЛЮКИ работали от "Кроны" ?

16. TELEGRAPH AT WAR 1854 - 1868

The Electric Telegraph Company's War Wagon 1854
The outfit for the first war telegraph, usually hauled by three pair of horses, it even had a gutta percha boat inverted on the top. The sketch oddly shows a heavy cavalry trooper riding postillion rather than a sapper.

Cadogan's patent army telegraph carriage  1853
Instruments, batteries, insulated wire on three spools and a projector to shoot the wire over rivers, in one wagon
The instrument shown in the patent drawing is Highton's single needle telegraph

Latimer Clark's Cable-laying Plough 1855
Hauled by soldiers, guided by Sappers & Miners, the device drew off the gutta percha-insulated copper wire from the drum and inserted it underground by means of a hollow or mole-plough

И через 10 лет все было почти то же самое :

The Field Electric Telegraph on exercise at Dover in 1869 showing the travelling office

he Field Electric Telegraph practising at Dover, 1869 showing the field wagon laying india-rubber insulated cable


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