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Windmill Ships

From the 06-February-1895 San Francisco Call. William A Coulter did many maritime drawings for the newspaper.  ... I found a report that Dashing Wave was sailing to Alaska in 1918, when she was 65 years old. Captain Morehouse killed himself in 1900.

Значит в 1918 году морскому Карлсону Dashing Wave   было 65  лет (почтенный возраст) и начало этих ветропоплавков где то в 1840х- годах.

Windmill Ships. Why would you put a windmill on a ship? The general idea, at least initially, was so that the ship could sail directly upwind. The windmill (more precisely, wind turbine) would face the wind, the wind would cause the blades to rotate about the hub, and through gearing, this would turn a propeller.

The idea is a fairly old one; I found an issue of The Mechanic’s Magazine ridiculing an 1836 British patent as a “mere transposition of a common wind-mill from land to ship-board, and the substitution of paddle-wheels for millstones.” It added that it was “not the first by some score, of such plans . . . .”

The upwind sailing advantage is perhaps not very important. While a sailing ship can’t sail directly against the wind, one zigzagging at 45 degree tacks off the wind is still probably going to make better speed to windward than a windmill ship. At least, that’s been the experience with the few prototypes; Bose’s Falcon (1986) made five knots in a fifteen knot wind; and Bates’ Te Waka (1980) did seven in a fourteen knotter. (Sinclair).

The theoretical power developed by a wind turbine is proportional to the area swept out by the blades (not merely the total blade area) and the cube of the wind speed. The maximum efficiency is 59% (Betz’ law). This is further reduced by friction at the hub, or in the transmission system, to 40-50% for a modern rotor.

Идея не то что СТАРАЯ, НАФТАЛИН 1836 года и её воплощения в 20 веке :

AYRS 102 (1986)

Small Craft, 1986

Falcon - Bose - 1983/86

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