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Irish emigration – the 19th century

Summary: At least 8 million men, women and children emigrated from Ireland between 1801 and 1921. That number is equal to the total population of the island in the fourth decade of the 19th century. The high rate of Irish emigration was unequalled in any other country and reflects both the overseas demand for immigrant labour and the appalling lack of employment and prospects for the average Irish person.
19th-century emigration from Ireland is usually broken down into three distinct phases:

1815-1845, when 1 million left;
1846-1855, when 2.5 million left; and
1856-1914 when 4 million departed.

These figures are considered underestimates because it is difficult to ascertain the numbers who settled permanently in mainland Britain. Ireland was still a part of Britain, so travel to or from the mainland was not subject to any scrutiny.
About 80% of Irish immigrants who left their homes in this period were aged between 18 and 30 years old.
As the figures above suggest, Irish emigration levels up to 1847 did not materially reduce the population of Ireland. But in that year, the first after the pototo harvest had failed so spectacularly, the exodus really began. According to figures collated 15 years later, some 215,444 persons emigrated to North America and other British Colonies in that one year alone. This doubled the previous year's figures for Irish emigration.
Between 1841 and March 1851, North America was the most popular destination while some 300,000 went to Australia. Irish emigration direct to New Zealand did not get underway until later. An estimated average of 2,000 people emigrated there between 1871 and 1920.

Только из одной малюсенькой Ирландии и 1.000.000 человек с 1815 по 1845 год. Дешевая рабочая сила прет из Гейопы. Почему ??? А чё сейчас не прет ??? Рожать перестали ??? А тогда чё так рожали ???

Или просто их земли ТОПИЛО и валили куда глаза глядят ???

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