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askari – (in East Africa) a soldier or police officer.

Des soldats de la Force Publique.

Askari troops Photo World War 1 War in the colonies German East Afrika now Tanzania Photo c 1915

askari – (in East Africa) a soldier or police officer.

"They should instead take comfort in the fact that African askaris and Indian sepoys fought as mercenaries in the armies of the British Empire."

Kalahari and Namib Bushmen in German South West Africa

Если надо и маленькие бушмены колонизировали своих же бушменов для чужого дяди.

A German ox-drawn artillery battery manned by native troops. German rule was often strict, but the colonial office never attempted to ‘Germanize’ Africans or disestablish their traditional tribal chiefs

This photographs shows soldiers of the Baster Company taken in about 1905. They wear the Schutztruppe 1896 Kord Waffenrock with the Litzen removed from the blue collars and cuffs. Their caps are matching corduroy with a blue hatband and small imperial cockade. Their German NCO wears the Schutztruppe 1896 Khaki uniform.

Bolstering the army: Algerian soldiers heading for action during the First World War

Cameroonian troops in World War I

Вот и вся "дрямучая история" :

... that one of the cost-effective ways of maintaining an empire is to get the colonized to colonize themselves.

МОТИВАЦИЯ бантустановцев для колонизации самих себя это "их дрямучая история".

Потому создаются полки СТРЕЛЬЦОВ от shooter (англ.) - стрелок, огнестрельное оружие, shot (англ.) - выстрел,

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